Sehwag's "lie" about Shoaib Akhtar gets exposed.

In one of his recent interviews, telling about sledging, Sehwag claimed that once I was playing near 200 and Shoaib Akhtar got fed up from me, he was consistently bowling bouncers at me and was asking again and again "hook maar ke dikha[Hook the ball]". And I replied to him "woh tera baap khara ha samne non-striking end pe uss ko bol woh mar ke dikhaye ga[Your father, referring to Tendulkar, is standing at non-striking end ask him to hook your bouncer]". In next over, when he(Shoaib) bowled bouncer at Tendulkar, Tendulkar hit him a Six and I said to Shoaib "Baap baap hota ha, beta beta hota ha[Father is father, kid is kid]". 

Here is video of Sehwag's interview:

Sehwag exposed
Now see how big the liar is Sehwag, he said I was playing near 200, this shows that Sehwag was talking about a Test Match as only in Test Cricket Sehwag came near to 200 against Pakistan. And then he says in next over, Tendulkar hit the six to Shoaib Akhter.

The truth is that Sachin Tendulkar has never hit a single six against Pakistan in Test Cricket. Let alone Shoaib Akhter, Tendulkar hasnt hit any six to any bowler of Pakistan in his whole Test career. 

Below is image of Tendulkar's Test career stats against Pakistan and you can see Tendulkar never hit any Six against Pakistan. If you cant see properly then Click on image to see properly

If you cant see properly then Click on image to see properly
This shows how big liar is Sehwag, who was just speaking to get the attention of viewers and cooked up a false story to become hero.

Counter Refutation 

Some people say that Sehwag, in video, was referring to India's score of nearly 200 not his personal score. Well! Answer to this assumption is "In all the ODIs Shoaib Akhtar played against India, it never happened that Tendulkar and Sehwag were batting at same time when India's score was near to 200".

One more person made assumption that Sehwag said "next tour" not "next over". So answer to this assumption is "In ODIs, Tendulkar has hit only 2 Sixes to Shoaib Akhtar, one was in Centurion(2003) other was in Karachi(2005), on both occasions India's score was less than 100 and Sehwag didnt have any score of 200(against Pakistan) before these 2 occasions, in fact Sehwag played his first Test against Pakistan after these two sixes.

Written by, editor of this page, Mazher Arshad on  28/01/2011

PS: After we published it on website, we got to know that same kind of story was published by another guy Zeeshan Ahmad on his Blog. So to avoid plagiarism, we mention his Twitter account link here Zeeshan Ahmed, so credit goes to him as well.

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