Sachin Tendulkar's century jinx: Why does India lose when Tendulkar hits a Ton?

Sachin Tendulkar is, undoubtedly, most compact batsman Cricket has ever seen, there is no doubt on his class and on him being legend. The writer of this article has previously rated Sachin Tendulkar as “King Arthur of Cricket”. This article and stats are not meant to degrade Sachin Tendulkar in any way, these are just stats showing one bitter-reality of Tendulkar’s career.

Centuries are scored to win the matches, you seldom see a batsman scoring century yet on losing side. Once a batsman scores century, he has high hopes of being on winning end and also Man of the Match. Number of players across the world has most-majority of their centuries in winning cause however some batsmen can’t taste the triumph even after scoring a Ton.

                              Quality of Centuries or Quantity of Centuries?

Yesterday against South Africa, Sachin Tendulkar scored his 48th ODI century but it was also his 13th ODI century in a losing cause. The jinx of Tendulkar’s ton has been a myth, there is no point to say he is selfish but myth is yet to be solved that why he has such high percentage of centuries in losing cause. Out of his 48 centuries, 33 times India won, 13 times India lost, 1 time it was tied, and once the match was no-result. This means that Tendulkar’s percentage of centuries in win is 68.75 but then equation comes in mind that, out of his 33 match-winning centuries, 9 centuries are against minnows; Kenya, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Sachin Tendulkar in eye of Indian contemporaries.
Lot of people say that due to India’s weak bowling attack in Tendulkar’s era, his centuries never helped India winning. Lets analyze whether this excuse is vindicated or not, we will have a look at some of Tendulkar’s contemporaries who played with same co-called weak bowling line. Remember Tendulkar’s winning percentage of centuries is 68.75.

- Saurav Ganuguly: 22 ODI centuries, 18 times India won. Winning percentage of centuries is 81.81

- Virender Sehwag: 14 ODI Centuries, 13 times India won. Since 2003, his all 13 centuries have been match winning. Winning percentage of centuries is 92.85

- Yuvraj Singh: 12 ODI Centuries, 9 times India won. Winning percentage of centuries is 75.00

- MS Dhoni: 7 ODI Centuries, 6 times he was on winning-end. Winning percentage of centuries is 85.71

As MS Dhoni plays in late order so if we consider his those innings where he scored 80+, only 3 times he was on losing end and 10 times on winning end.

Sachin Tendulkar’s contemporaries prove that weak-bowling is not an excuse of his low percentage of match winning centuries. Had weak bowling been a reason then Sourav Ganguly would have never scored 18 match winning centuries in same era. There is some unknown mystery behind Sachin Tendulkar’s century jinx.

Sachin Tendulkar’s contemporaries from World.

1. Brian Lara: 19 ODI Centuries, 16 times West Indies won. Winning percentage of centuries is 84.21

2. Sanath Jayasuriya: 28 ODI centuries, 24 times Srilanka won. Winning percentage of centuries is 85.71

3. Saeed Anwar: 20 ODI centuries, 16 times Pakistan won. Winning percentage of centuries is 80.00

4. Mohammad Yousuf: 15 ODI centuries, 14 times Pakistan. Winning percentage of centuries is 93.33. Only his first century was in losing cause in 1998 against Australia and since then his all 14 centuries were match-winning.

5. Mahela Jaywardene: 13 ODI Centuries, 13 times he was on winning end; all match winning centuries. Winning percentage of centuries is 100

6. Nathan Astle: 16 ODI Centuries, 14 times New Zealand won. Winning percentage of centuries is 87.5

Now all the above players belong to average ODI Teams in last 20 odd years, there is no one from South Africa or Australia, yet all the batsmen maintain higher winning percentage of centuries than Sachin Tendulkar’s 68.75. This clearly suggests that “Quality is always better than Quantity”. Even Younis Khan’s all 6 ODI centuries have been match winning.

Super Trivia: Out of Sachin Tendulkar’s 33 match winning centuries, 9 are against minnows; Zimbabwe, Namibia and Kenya. If we exclude his 10 centuries(against minnows) then his winning percentage of centuries is only 63.15

Sachin Tendulkar’s ODI Centuries against Pakistan
Last time he scored century to beat Pakistan was way back in 1996 and since then there is nothing. 5 ODI Centuries against Pakistan but 4 times India lost. Only his 2nd century against Pakistan could see India winning it, except that his 4 ODI centuries went in vain as Pakistan clinched the victory in all 4 matches.

India’s epic failures despite Tendulkar’s Ton.

1. Rawalpindi 2004 against Pakistan: After winning 1st match of series in Karachi, India were set target of 330 by Pakistan at Rawalpindi in 2nd ODI of Series. Sachin Tendulkar scored 141 in Pakistan’s reply to 329 but still India lost the match by 12 runs.

2. Ahmedabad 2005 against Pakistan: In 48-over ODI Match, Tendulkar scored 123 in India’s total of 315. It was a crucial match for Pakistan as India was leading 6-Match ODI series by 2-1, it was Inzamam and Pakistan’s day when they successfully chased 316 in 48 overs and with that Tendulkar’s another century went in vain.

3. Peshawar 2006 against Pakistan: After losing Test series against Pakistan. India set 329 to Pakistan in first ODI of series at Peshawar and Tendulkar scored another century. In Pakistan’s chase, bad light came in play when Pakistan were 311-7 in 47 overs. Pakistan won match by 7 runs on D/L Method. Tendulkar’s century once against couldn’t be a match winning one.

4. Hyderabad(Deccan) 2009 against Australia: 7-Match ODI series was leveled 2-2. In 5th ODI of series, India were set target of 351 by Australia. Sachin Tendulkar got massive 175 yet he was on losing end. When Tendulkar got out, India needed 19 runs of 18 balls with 4 wickets in hand. Match was won by Australia by 3 runs.

5. Bengaluru 2011 against England: A World Cup match and India set target of 339 for England to win, including Tendulkar’s 120. Who would have thought that India will not win? The match turned out to be one of best matches ever played in World Cups. It was tied and once against Tendulkar’s ton couldn’t help India in winning.

6. Nagpur 2011 against South Africa: India set the target of 297 for South Africa to win where Tendulkar scored 111 runs. It was Tendulkar’s 2nd century in 2011 WC which couldn’t help India winning. RSA successfully chased the target of 297.

Sachin Tendulkar’s Test centuries.
The sad story isn’t restricted to just ODI Cricket, it gets even worse when it comes to Test Cricket where India is the number one team right now. Out of his 51 Test centuries; only 20 times India won, 11 times India lost and 20 times it was drawn.

Sachin Tendulkar’s winning percentage of centuries in Test Cricket is only 39.21. And if we exclude his 8 centuries against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh then, out of his 43 Test centuries, only 14 times India won.

If we compare his this stat with one of his contemporaries from Pakistan, i.e Inzamam-ul-Haq, then some readers might get a shock to see Inzamam-ul-Haq scored 25 Test centuries; 17 times Pakistan won, 6 times drawn and only 2 times Pakistan lost. Inzamam’s winning percentage of centuries is 68

Written by, editor of this website, Mazher Arshad

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