David Villa Insulted Islam says Mesut Ozil

According to [Football.Fr] Real Madrid player Mesut Ozil was quoted, “I did this because I was defending my religion because David Villa insulted Islam.” refering to his actions against Villa at the closing minutes brawl at the Super Cup. Jose Mourhnio also allegedly kicked at Cesc Fabregas.

 It appeared in TV video clips that David Villa hit Mesut Ozil first and the German international retaliated. The brawl was the reaction when Cesc Fabregas was tackled helplessly by Marcelo right at the closing minutes of the game as both bench emptied. Video here.

But Villa making offensive comments towards Islam isn't likely since his teammates Abidal, Keita and Afellay who are muslims and they play on the same team Barcelona.

Mesut Ozil and David Villa were slapped with red cards in an altercation between the two during the closing stages of last night’s Spanish Supercup between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Barcelona went on to win the Spanish Super Cup 3-2 riding the heroics of Lionel Messi two goals.

Villa and Ozil action is subject to either one-game or three-game ban from Supercopa. The league will serve any suspensions handed most likely a year from now. If Villa made such unnecessary comment, it is unfortunate for the sports in general like football/soccer which is enjoyed by people worldwide regardless of race or religion.

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