Many people are asking for alternatives to, well here's what happened and some alternatives.

The reason that MyP2P has had problems is that Fox Sports made a complaint to Google over 'copyright issues', and requested Google take the site down. Google complied with the request, and My P2P had to 're-brand' with as little inconvenience to themselves, and us, as was possible.

Forum members find several live stream links in the forum, for instance in the Weekdays, Saturdays and Sundays forums. Here are several alternatives that are currently up and running:

  • First Row Sports Best for live coverage of football matches (Highly Recommended)
  • Football Streaming – Lists several football games per day with links to multiple streaming options.
  • Free Football – Offers many matches including UEFA Champions League, Friendlies, UEFA Europa League and all European and International football leagues. Has also a section for other sports including Cricket or US Sports like Baseball, American Football, Baseball and Basketball.
  • LS Hunter – Has live stream links for football, basketball, baseball, motor sports, rugby and more.
  • SportyFever Link to live game streams, mainly football but also cricket.
Have another website that you are currently using as a Myp2p alternative? Let me know in the comments.